Christmas time

So, it is that time of the year. When everyone takes photos of the amount of christmas gifts they have under the tree. When we see people with loads of bags on their hands at the mall. Im so proud to say that i have few bags under the tree with not expensive gifts. I didnt spend hours Lost and stressed with shopping.

Things are easily forgotten.

Christmas is not about money, material stuff or gifts. Whatever you believe in, if you celebrate christmas or not, its always all about love, caring, hugs, family, good vibes and happiness. Happiness. Enjoy this time. Enjoy all the time, all the year. Surprise your loved ones always. Hug, love, laugh and be thankful the entire year. Help others not only in christmas. Homeless people are homeless during the other months as well. Give your best and be happy

Also, we are doing it to 2019!!! We did it. We got through all the ups and downs. All the sadness and exams and struggles. All the stress and heartbreak. Im sooo proud of us. We did so good.

To 2019, i dont like planning too much. I just hope to get even better, give even more of myself and love myself and others. To be happy. I want my family to be happy, well and healthy. Im so thankful for them, for everything i went trnough this year and how that changed me. Im proud of how Im doing and of the person i am becoming. I want to learn more and grow more.

To everyone going through hard Times, i hope you get better really fast. I hope everyone heels mentally or physically. Work on yourselves and keep going. No matter what. I hope you heal from that Loss or heartbreak or anything. I hope you find that person or meet old friends again. I hope you are really happy . I hope hunger, pain and Injustice end. Lets make the world better . The whole year.


Merry christmas!!! Hope you spend it with a lot of love and with your favorite people. In peace and health. Thats the most important.  Let 2019 be the best year.


I love you


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