I was doing pretty fine. I wasnt missing you too much. I didnt think about you all the time. Yes, sometimes you crossed my mind and i thought “i miss his hugs” or “i wish things could get back to how they were”. But no. They cant. And Today i Saw you. Wearing that jacket that hugged me a few times. Walking the same way you always do: hands inside the pockets. And i Saw you. And you Saw me. But we kept walking. We kept walking our seperate ways. In different directions.

But now i can only think about how much i miss you and want you in my life again. But fuck no. Im not going to be a fool for you anymore. You made me realize i deserve better. But what if 10 years from now, i still think about you and you dont think of me? What if i still want you even though i know you’re not enough for me? I still think about you when i think about green eyes. But i deserve green eyes that only have eyes for me. So fuck you.

Please dont cross my path or my mind. Let me live peacefully.


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