Living and learning

So, another thing i just understood. Friends are not Forever. I dont need any type of negativity in my life. I dont need people who love arguments and confusions. I dont need people that are not there for me. I dont need friends who make me feel worse when i fuck up or insult me when Im already blaming myself.  i dont need friends who judge me when they know nothing.

I honetly hate nosy people. Its my life, my relashionships and my problems. People have absolutely nothing to do with it. Also, i dont even show all of myself to anyone so.. people just talk shit while they know nothing about me or the reasons i do certain things.

Right now it feels like lonely. Its raining outside and the sky has been cloudy all day. Kinda hard to not feel even sadder. But thats okay. Tomorrow the sun will rise again, no matter what happens today. Tomorrow is the perfect day to better yourself and start over.



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