Why you should love yourself

Self love is such an important topic for me. You gotta love who you are even if you’re still finding yourself. Even if you’re in a bad period of your life. Even if other people dont love you. Even if you dont know why to love yourself. But there are always infinite reasons why you should love yourself. Here are some of them:

  1. You are the only person with whom you will spend your entire life. From your first breath to your last. Be kind to yourself.
  2. You are the only one who knows everything you have been through. Remember that heartbreak that destroyed you? Remember that time you were in so much pain you thought you couldnt take it anymore? Remember all the days you didnt want to wake up? All the days you were broke inside but no one noticed? But, guess what, you did it. You wake up every day. I know people may not value this enough but you know what you got through and all the hard times you survived when many wouldnt. Give yourself credit. Im so proud. You should be too.
  3. You were given this life as you. I mean, you are unique. Not to be cheesy but there is literally no human being like you. There never was and there will never be. You have all these imperfections and weird things that make you who you are. Not because you chose to be born like this but just because you are. Embrace that.
  4. You are perfect. We all are. Being perfect is not about being fit, sexy, funny and smart. It is about knowing you are not perfect but treating, caring and loving yourself as if you were.
  5. You can actually change so many things if you love yourself. You can help other people who hate themselves. You can achieve anything you want. You can act confident. You can get out of your comfort bubble and change the world.
  6. There are people who love you. I think it is so painful to see someone you love not loving themselves. And even if you dont think so, there are always people that care about you and to whom you mean so much. I dont care if that is your parents, partner, a friend.. there is ALWAYS someone there for you. Even a stranger can become someone who loves you. Seven billion people in this world.. thats a lot of people that dont know you but if and when they do, they will.
  7. When you love yourself you become stronger. People who love themselves dont really care about what other think of them. They dont care if someone doesnt like them. So love yourself so much that even if the world is against you, you dont feel lonely or desperate.


Loving yourself will make you walk confidently, say more of what you think, losing some fears and be happier. You’ll be able to be yourself and not giving a damn about what other people think. And thats so so so important. Everything is temporary. Your school, your friends. etc. The only permanent thing in life is our relashionship with ourselves. Make sure that your mind is a happy, loving and peaceful place to spend your entire life in. Make sure you try to better yourself in order to be the best version of yourself and loving who you are the most you can.

Until then, in this weird proccess of learning how to giving yourself worth, dont take things too serioulsy. Everything will pass. You’ll get through anything life throws at you. Dont be arrogant. Dont be selfish. Just stay cool, kind and calm. Stay loyal to yourself, be yourself and LOVE YOURSELF. If you do, people will also see the good in you more easily.



PS: Im always here if you need me and im also in this hard stage of my life where im slowly (with some steps backwards sometimes) learning to love myself enough to be totally myself everywhere. Im slowly getting less insecure and shy and starting to embrance who i am.

We can do this!! I love you.


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