Grandparents: angels from heaven

as a daughter of a single mom, it was just me, her and my two brothers since i was 4. And my grandparents.

Im so thankful for them. They always protected me from everything that we were all going through. Even when they were suffering, my grandpa still took me to the Park and long walks for hours; my grandma still cooked for me and always seemed so calm. Even when my mom was getting through the process of getting divorced i always felt save. Sometimes i was scared and knew something was going on, but i totally lived those years being protected from the entire family. As the youngest, sometimes i felt like everyone knew more than me and a few years later, i would even get mad sometimes because no One wanted me know everything so i wouldnt get sad or worried. I was so Little, so protected.

Obviously, now i understand and know pretty much everything, but Im so thankful i could live my childhood pretty normally. I grew up kinda fast but still, i had an amazing childhood. Its kinda weird how i was so Innocent and didnt know almost anything about why we were moving. Why it was just the four of us now. Why dad was someone i shouldnt talk to or be with. They all suffered so much while trying to make me have a normal childhood.

Forever grateful to my mom, my hero and the strongest human being i have ever met. To my grandparents, for protecting me and always taking care of me. When i get sick, last year when i couldnt go to school because of anxiety, they kept taking care of me and telling me everything was going to be okay. I spent days at their house and they supported me all the time even if they didnt know What was going on In my head. To my two big brothers. For also being kids and being able to protect me and make it look like everything was okay.

Right now, Im at my grandpas house. After so many years together, going through so many hard Times, they still the calmest, wiser and most caring people. My grandmother stills cooking the best freaking food. my granddad stills help me with homeworks and telling stories of when he was young. Wish i could keep them with me Forever. Love them to the Infinity. Forever thankful to have them.


Yall love and take care of your family. One day we will miss them and regret not spending enough time with them.


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